• All-Natural

    Made with ten simple, all-natural ingredients.
    100% grass-fed bones from Canadian farmers.
    No additives,
    no preservatives,
    no added salt.
    Never from concentrate.

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  • Delicious

    Our bone broths are simmered for 72 hours. That's three times longer than all other packaged bone broths.
    This extended simmering process creates maximum flavour, quality, and nutritional value. You've never tasted bone broth like this before.

  • Convenient

    Delivered right to your door. No refrigeration required. Ready to heat and sip in one minute. No thawing, no mixing, no hassle. Easy to take on the go. Sticking to your bone broth routine really can be this easy!

  • Affordable

    At less than $7.50 per 473ml jar (only $3.70 per serving), we are the lowest-priced, ready-to-drink bone broth on the market.
    High-quality bone broth you can actually afford to drink on a regular basis.

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Create Your Custom Bone Broth Box

Your new healthy routine is just a few clicks away!
100% all-natural ingredients, ready-to-use, no fridge required. Made with grass-fed/grass-finished, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free animal bones sourced from Ontario farmers.

Mix-and-match five delicious flavours to create the bone broth pack of your choice. Order as a one-time purchase or subscribe to the frequency that works for you.
Delivered right to your door.

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Simmered for 72 Hours

We set out to create a delicious, full-bodied bone broth you will truly enjoy. Our extensive simmering process creates better flavour and more effective nutrient extraction.

A recent study in the Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that bone broths simmered for 24 hours are "unlikely to contain a consistently reliable source of key amino acids", while those cooked longer could consistently extract sufficient amino acids (Alcock et al. 2019). These amino acids are the reason bone broth is so good for you in the first place - this isn't something you want to question in your bone broth!

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Experience the Benefits of Bone Broth

Extracting protein, collagen, and amino acids found in bones and cartilage creates a nutritionally-dense broth.
When consumed regularly, bone broth supports a strong immune system, a healthy gut and digestive system, sleep quality, good joint function, and numerous other benefits.
Visit our Bone Broth Benefits page to learn more!

Bone Broth Benefits

About The Brothery

At The Brothery, we specialize in making quality bone broth for you to enjoy everyday. We partner with Ontario farmers to source high-quality bones for a truly fresh and local product. We're proud to say we're the only broth maker who simmers our bones for a full 72 hours. This signature process allows for maximum extraction of flavour and nutrients, making our bone broths truly unrivalled. Our goal is to create an everyday bone broth solution: delicious, convenient, all-natural, and affordable. With these goals in mind, we truly believe you won’t find a better bone broth.

Crystal and Patrick
The Brothery Founders

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Your Favourite All-Natural Ingredient

Cooking with bone broth is an easy way to incorporate bone broth into your lifestyle. Bone broth boosts flavour and nutritional value in all your favourite recipes! Check out our recipe blog.

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Build a Habit With 5 Great Flavours

We offer five delicious flavours: Beef, Bison, Chicken, Turkey, and Vegetable. All flavours are slow-simmered for 72 hours for maximum flavour and nutritional value. Shop our variety packs and get started today.

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Maintain Your Routine with Monthly Subscriptions

Take advantage of bone broth subscriptions and have your monthly supply delivered to your door anywhere in Ontario! Customize your order with your choice of flavours and a delivery frequency that suits your life.

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Jar Return Program

Sustainability is important to us.
We're proud to collect and re-use jars from our wholesale partners and customers. To date we've recovered and reused over 2,000 jars!
For more information, visit our
Jar Return Program page.

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