Is it worth it to make your own bone broth? Some considerations.

Is it worth it to make your own bone broth? Some considerations.

So you’ve decided to start drinking bone broth, but how will you stock your broth supply to make this healthy lifestyle change possible? You could buy bones and ingredients and make it at home, you could buy packaged bone broths or concentrates, or maybe you’ll choose a combination of the two.

We are all too familiar with the challenges that come with making bone broth at home - in fact, this is what led us to start The Brothery in the first place. There’s a common (mis)conception that making bone broth yourself must be cheaper and/or tastier… but this certainly isn’t always the case! In this article, we take a closer look at the process of making bone broth at home and consider whether it’s worth the time, cost, and hassle to make your own.

Challenge #1: Locating and buying high-quality animal bones

To make bone broth, you first need to locate a source of high-quality animal bones at an affordable price. The quality of bones used to make bone broth is an important consideration – whatever is in the bones is going to end up in your broth! You’ll want to use grass-fed beef bones or pasture-raised poultry raised without antibiotics. This can cost between $5-10 (or more) per pound at grocery stores or butcher shops. You’ll need a minimum of 3-4 pounds of bones per week, in addition to vegetables and spices. Your cost per batch can be anywhere from $20-$30, yielding 7-8 jars that keep for only a week in the fridge. If you’re looking for more variety than beef or chicken broth, novel flavours such as bison bones can be even more expensive. The time spent locating and travelling to get high quality bones and the cost of buying bones in small, individual-sized portions limits the practicality of making your own bone broth.


Challenge #2: Cooking time and straining

Great broth takes time. Bone broth should be cooked for at least 24 hours and ideally longer for greater nutritional benefit. This means having a slow-cooker taking up space on your counter for multiple days. It can also create a pretty constant meat smell in your kitchen, and even your whole house. Quicker solutions such as making bone broth with a pressure cooker do not yield the same quality or flavour of extended simmering. Once it’s finished cooking, straining and jarring bone broth can be quite a messy process. You’ll need to strain the spices and tiny pieces of bone, and wait for the fat to separate from the broth in order to scrape it away.   

Challenge #3: Making bone broth makes quite a mess

Making bone broth creates quite a few dishes; chopping vegetables, roasting bones and vegetables, simmering the bones, straining and pouring the broth into storage containers. This process creates a pile of dishes that may not be a welcomed addition to your regular (already busy) routine. By the time you get to the dishes, you’ve spent at least 3-4 hours making broth!

Challenge #4: Storage, fridge space, and shelf-life.

After going through this lengthy process, you need to find somewhere to store your bone broth. Homemade fresh bone broth should be consumed within a week of being in the refrigerator, not to mention those containers also take up a lot fridge space! Finally, homemade bone broth must be kept cold, making it difficult to take with you on the go, or to store in your desk or gym bag.

To make bone broth or to buy bone broth?

Making bone broth regularly at home is not practical for many people. The entire process can take 3-4 hours per week and cost between $20-$30. If you’re planning on sipping on broth regularly – which you’ll need to do in order to reap its health benefits - this process must be repeated on a weekly basis. The Brothery offers an alternative that costs $3.70/serving (or less than $25/week). We slow-simmer our broth for 72 hours, creating a delicious homemade flavour with maximum nutritional benefits.

After using bone broth regularly for years, we have a serious appreciation for the inconveniences that come with making bone broth and trying to take it on-the-go. We knew from our own experiences that the ultimate packaged bone broth would need to meet three specific criteria to truly allow for daily bone broth use:

1. It needs to be delicious

We take pride in being the only bone broth company that slow-simmers our bones for 72 hours. With our extended simmering process, our bone broth achieves an unmatched flavour profile that cannot be replicated in any other format.  

2. It needs to be convenient

Sticking to a new routine is easiest when it’s convenient and doesn’t interfere with your already-busy schedule! We’ve created the easiest bone broth option:  no refrigeration, extended shelf life, and conveniently available at your favourite retailer or right to your door. Pop the lid, heat, and sip!

3. It needs to be affordable

Our broths are priced at $3.70/serving or less. Other ready-to-drink bone broths cost a minimum of $6/serving and are not simmered for 72 hours. With The Brothery, you can consume daily bone broth for the same price as a cup of coffee!

Even if you decide to make your own bone broth, it’s always helpful to have a reliable and shelf-stable supply around the house for those times when life gets too busy to make it! If you’re looking for a bone broth solution that fits your life, The Brothery makes bone broth easy for you.

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