About Us

The Brothery was born from our own genuine love for bone broth. We’ve sipped on bone broth everyday for years and it’s a key part of our routine.
Making our own bone broth also came with a number of headaches that are all too familiar to those who make bone broth at home: a slow-cooker that takes up too much counter space, a house that always smells like broth, and a time consuming weekly process that isn’t always feasible while juggling a busy life. Bone broth was an indispensable part of our day, we were hooked on how good it made us feel, but when we were too busy to make it ourselves a convenient option of equal taste and convenience simply didn’t exist.

Existing packaged bone broths just didn’t offer what we were looking for. We were used to cooking our bone broth for several days (72 hours) and had grown accustomed to the delicious flavour resulting from this extended cooking process. Other packaged bone broths only offer 24 hour cooking times and the flavour just didn’t compare to our homemade version (nor did it offer the same level of health benefit).  Concentrated powder bone broths offered convenience but tasted much different, feeling chalky and fake compared to bone broth in its original form. Frozen bone broths required significant thawing time, dilution with water, and could not be thawed for an individual serving size. Other shelf-stable options had added salt and were only simmered for 24 hours, resulting in a mild flavour that couldn’t compare with our homemade 72-hour bone broth. We also noticed that none of the existing options were very affordable to drink on a regular basis - we knew bone broth could benefit a large number of people, but existing prices might discourage some from incorporating it into their daily routines. We knew far more people would consume and benefit from bone broth if we shared our version – a delicious and easy option that people could and would embrace as a regular part of their day. We wanted to share the magic of bone broth with far more people. We set out to make a broth that was convenient, delicious, and affordable; a broth that tasted and felt as good as homemade. 

After using bone broth regularly for years, we had an intimate appreciation for the inconveniences that come with making bone broth and trying to take it on-the-go. We knew from our own experiences that the ultimate packaged bone broth would need to meet three specific criteria to truly allow for daily bone broth use:

1. It needs to be delicious

We take pride in being the only bone broth company that slow-simmers our bones for 72 hours. With our extended simmering process, our bone broth achieves an unmatched flavour profile that cannot be replicated in any other format.  

 2. It needs to be convenient

Sticking to a new routine is easiest when it’s convenient and doesn’t interfere with your already-busy schedule! We’ve created the easiest bone broth option:  no refrigeration, extended shelf life, and conveniently available at your favourite retailer or right to your door. Pop the lid, heat, and sip! 

3. It needs to be affordable

Our broths are priced at $3.70/serving. Other ready-to-drink bone broths cost a minimum of $6/serving and are not simmered for 72 hours. With The Brothery, you can consume daily bone broth for the same price as a cup of coffee!  

We spent the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic locked in our garage testing recipes and conducting quality control until we had a product we were excited to share; a product that we personally sip on every single morning (and again before bed). We moved to a proper production facility, but we still make our broth in small batches by hand, and we personally taste test each batch to ensure it meets our standards. We bring you the first 72 hour bone broth available on the market, and invite you to share in all the benefits of bone broth. 

Patrick and Crystal
Owners, The Brothery