Is your product available Canada wide?
Our products are currently sold in Ontario, either through ourselves or with our multiple wholesale partners found here: https://brothery.ca/a/storelocator

Where do you get your bones from?
We're proud to work with local Ontario farmers to source grass-fed, antibiotic-free bones for our broths. 

Can I subscribe to get bone broth delivered to me monthly?
Yes, we do subscriptions! You can select your subscription when picking which product you'd like to purchase.

Can I use bone broth for cooking?
Certainly, we use bone broth in tons of recipes, check out our recipes blog where we post new recipes every week!

How come this bone broth doesn't need preservatives (or be refrigerated)?
By pressure canning our bone broth in mason jars, we're able to create a vacuum seal on the jar allowing the contents to be preserved for an extended period of time. We chose this particular method as we wanted to keep our bone broth free of additives and readily available for easy consumption while you're on the go.

What is the shelf life of your bone broth?
Our bone broth has a 6-month shelf life. Our broth should be stored in a cool, dry place. After opening, refrigerate and consume contents within 72 hours. Do not consume after opening if seal on jar is broken.  

Why are there bits of fat at the top of my jar?
We filter our broth twice before jarring it, but there sometimes are small amounts of fat that remain. These will melt away as soon as it is heated.

Do you have any product reviews?
Yes we do! You can find our Google reviews by going here.