Jar Return Program

Thanks For Being Part of the Solution!

We're proud to announce our collaboration with Circulr to collect and wash The Brothery bone broth jars. With Circulr, we're able to collect jars throughout the province and have them professionally cleaned and sanitized for re-usability. This allows us to reduce the number of jars that require a full recycling process and re-conversion into new glass jars.


Jar Return F.A.Q.
I currently have a local subscription and my jars are being picked up upon delivery, does this change anything?
No changes for subscription customers. Our delivery team is happy to pick-up your jars upon delivery of your monthly subscription. 
Does Circulr use safe cleaning agents?
Circulr only uses cleaning agents that are compliant with Health Canada.
There isn't a location near me, is there anything I can do?
Circulr is growing quickly and they'd like to hear from you - if there isn't a location nearby, you can make a request by contacting tyler@circulr.ca .
Is there a deposit or incentive to return the jars?
At this point in time there is no deposit system, the first step in this program was to offer an option for our many customers hoping to return their jars to reduce environmental impact. We hope to offer an incentive program shortly.
Have additional questions? Contact us at contact@brothery.ca